What we do

We assemble the perfect team for each project. We use several different methods for understanding sociology, geography, economy and urban planning, and carrying out qualitative, quantitative and cartographic analyses.

Understanding territories

Understanding stakeholders

Identifying trends

Our tools

Qualitative analysis

  • Face-to-face meetings, focus group
  • In situ analysis (reportage, videos, sketch)
  • Technical and scientific state of arts, benchmarks
  • SWOT, risk assessment matrix

Quantitatives analysis

  • Creation of new databases on users and uses
  • Thematic processing of data from major private and public surveys (INSEE, EMD, etc.)
  • Spatial analysis and mapping

Communications tools

  • Pedagogical summaries and booklet (paper-based or multimedia)
  • Workshop, seminar, colloquium
  • scientific and technical articles, media articles

6t helped the EPA (public development authority) for Sénart to establish an open and collaborative working approach while ensuring a rigorous working methodology and an insight into the experiences of other areas. 6t has also always sought to find the right balance between the technical aspects of transport and the social dynamics associated with travel.

Julien Custot, Secretary General of the EPA Sénart

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